to the future 
of yacht retail

Created at the crossroads of ultra-modern visual technology and luxury retail, SW Interactive’s products will have you looking at yachts in a whole new way. Literally.

Our Mission

At SW Interactive, our mission is to enable you to engage your clients like never before. Create and configure your client's dream yacht down to the smallest detail in real time, and have them experience it in immersive, exquisite virtual reality.

Why SW Interactive?

SW Interactive's product lets you put your clients behind the wheel of their tailor-made yacht, even before it's touched the water. By simply putting a headset on, one can experience actually being on the boat, make real-time customisations, and even simulate how it behaves in open waters.

What sets our product apart



True-to-life graphics and fine detail allow for a realistic, immersive experience as one walks freely through the craft.



Clients can experience your yachts in a range of environments and settings, including day, night, and custom modes.



The possibilities are endless with a range of real-time configurable options including colours, materials, lights, and engine variants.



Clients can set sail on a virtual sea trial to experience engine speeds, stabilisation systems, and other features on the yacht.

What this means for you

We help the aspects of your business that can be streamlined to be faster and better – just like the boats you sell.

Shorter sales cycles

Having display-ready interactions in weeks instead of months lets you keep client interest alive and close sales sooner.

Valuable customer insights

We help record your clients’ preferences and customisations, which go directly from the ground to your marketing team.

What this means for you

We help the aspects of your business that can be streamlined to be faster and better – just like the boats you sell.

Improved conversions

Offering an immersive buying experience like no other lets you impress clients into signing on the dotted line.

Time and cost savings

Not needing to have physical demonstration models lets you showcase – and sell – yachts more efficiently.

Our Team

We’re a team of designers, engineers, programmers, investors, and hustlers, bound by a shared passion for marrying cutting-edge technology with real life experiences. With decades of shared experience, we’re working to change the face of the multi-billion dollar luxury retail industry.

Want a demo or have questions? Contact us

We're here to change the way yachts are experienced – even before the sale. Let us know if there's anything specific we can do to help you, or contact us to arrange a live demo. 

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